Friday, August 17, 2012

Ms. Rockwell

We're just about to head out on vacation, and it turned out that our travel plans completely overlap with all the scheduled kindergarten orientation activities.  Luckily class lists were published a few days ago, and Joseph's new teacher was happy to have us drop by this morning for a quick hello.  We got the first sneak peak at all the preparation going on in room 108.

Ms. Rockwell seems just as wonderful as can be!  She's a runner and crafter like me (and maintains a class blog!), and she tends to the school garden as Brent does ours.  But more importantly she's warm and sweet and smart and welcoming, and Joseph took to her and the classroom right away.  She even let him have first choice for his cubby.

We're sad to miss orientation where we might meet other classmates and their families, but at least we know our good friend Zara will be in the same class. The year is off to a good start for our little owl!


The Houston's said...

But can she bake?? :) She ain't got nuthin on you!

Jocie Z ROCK said...

love these shots, and i think i almost have an identical set, how funny!!! joseph looks really really relaxed and at ease with Ms Rockwell! its so cool! ps u didnt miss anything, we didnt even do the park playdate.. xoxox j