Monday, August 27, 2012

It's Elementary

Vacation pics will have to wait for now, as the 1st day back after our trip was far more important to all of us.  Joseph started kindergarten today!

To help him get excited about school we let Joseph pick out his own backpack - robots! - while we gathered the other necessary school supplies.  It was so exciting walking up to the school yard today and running into friends and neighbors along the way.  Luckily no bus for us.

Our school has "Jamboree" in the field before school every day, which is kind of a brief community building exercise.  We had to look through a sea of people to find our class!  Miss Rockwell gave the kids a welcome owl sticker and they were lined up to enter room 108 together as classmates for the first time.

There was a special exception to allow parents to escort the kids to class today and watch their morning greeting.  (Thanks to Jocelyn for these pics, I like them much better than mine.)

We are so fortunate that Joseph is very social and adaptable, so there was no problem leaving him at a new school all day.  No tears from any of us!  Plus Zara was there for moral support!  He even spent some time in the aftercare program to see how it works, and he was all smiles when we arrived and even said he wasn't ready to leave yet.

As far as we can tell Joseph had a good day, but we'll never really know for sure.  We got the same report that we got every day for the past 2 years of preschool.  It was "good," and he "forgot" everything they did.  I may have to plant a working microchip in that robot backpack of his if I'm ever going to get any information out of him!  But the teacher did send out an email tonight saying they all had a fantastic day.  Hurray for the Owls, Miss Rockwell's class, and Janney Elementary!


Jocie Z ROCK said...

Okay okay .. GREAT GREAT POST! loved seeing your pics.. and the one of ms rockwell putting the owl sticker on eis perfect! and the "sea" of people.. Loved the way you wrote that you might install a chip to record his moves at school so he can't say he forgot or nothing! classic!

Nadeen said...

tphoAWWWW!! So sweet! I have never even met Zara but from all the pics Im excited they are in the same class!