Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crayola Creations

Since they did a phenomenal lesson plan on art in preschool towards the end of the year, Joseph has been much more into drawing and coloring.  I was tired of this pathetic box of mixed up broken crayon bits he's been using, so for his birthday I put this telescoping Crayola crayon caddy on his Amazon "wish list," which was sent to him by Uncle Glenn, Aunt Suthern, Leyton & Ashton.

As a frame of reference, this is what he was doing just a few short months ago:

And this is what he's created with his new crayons of late:

Although I love his happy little red stick people, I'm much more floored by his elaborate portraits now (compete with fingers and toes and spiky hair and teeth!).  And I just love his interpretation of Earth with lots of rocket ships and satellites.  Time to invest in lots more paper so he can continue to express himself.  All he wants to do is draw picture after picture!

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