Saturday, August 11, 2012

College Park Aviation Museum

This should (but won't!) be the first of many posts from summer labeled "Daddy Camp."  We enrolled Joseph in one local 3 week camp, leaving us many, many long days to fill entirely on our own, from waking up until bedtime, throughout the rest of the summer.  There were plenty of days spent at the pool and some precious time with friends, but Daddy had to get creative to pass the time when no one else was available to play with us.  One day in June we drove out to the College Park Aviation Museum in Maryland.  It was fun but small, kind of like a one room version of the Udvar-Hazy Air & Space Museum we visited in January.

The museum is located on the grounds of College Park Airport, the world's oldest continuously operating airport.  It backs to the runway, and there are great places both inside and outside to watch planes taking off and landing.

It's a nice, hands-on place for kids, with a room for experiments and an area for crafts.  Each kid can decorate a bag with aviation themed stampers and stickers, and they fill it with little treats at the front desk on the way out.  Then there's the "Imagination Plane" where kids can climb into the cockpit of a 1939 Taylorcraft  and work the controls of a real airplane.

No question, Joseph could have spent the entire day at the flight simulator, crashing the poor plane over and over again.

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