Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Up with the Chickens

I do not know what it is about vacation that makes Joe Joe absolutely lose the ability to sleep in.  I guess he is just so excited that he doesn't want to miss a minute of whatever is possible.

He was up with the chickens in Provincetown, Galveston, Bedford Springs and most recently, Rehoboth, DE.  This time he arose at an unprecedented 5am.  FIVE!  As painful as it is to not be able actually catch up on sleep as most people do on vacation, Joseph and I always get to share this special time together and see some pretty spectacular sunrises.

Don't worry, the coffee is mine.  He doesn't seem to need any.

We had the entire beach to ourselves!

Except for this guy.  No idea what he was up to, just digging sand up right at the water's edge and dumping it two feet away at 6 in the morning.  Odd.  But how cool for a 4 year old to see a massive construction vehicle on the beach?

At least one morning we were kept company by Zara (whose family rented a beach house and hosted us) who had felt sick and couldn't get back to sleep.  Nothing like a 6:30am game of pick-up sticks to jump start your day!

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Jocie Z ROCK said...

All these pictures are fabulous, i love Jojo with his shadow, you would have won that competition!! And those flippers are simply too cool!!