Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Shark Cake!

Every year I put WAY more thought into Joseph's birthday cake than any sane person should.  He actually requested cupcakes this year, and the obvious way to go with that (if Google image searches has anything to do with it) was the pretty standard cupcake with ocean blue icing and a shark fin sticking out of it.  Even with a destination party I was still considering making an additional small cake, especially after seeing some tiered cakes with an ombre fondant wave pattern that I thought were just gorgeous.  I also really wanted to have an actual shark popping out of the cake.  Should I bother to mention I considered tons of other design options that would include various other sea creatures like octopus, crab, squid, etc?

One day I quickly jotted down this random sketch:

And it became this:

I am ashamed to admit with all of my baking experience I truly did not consider that it would be so hot that the icing would actually melt.  So much for the time I wasted piping!  The fondant shark fins, made days in advance so they hardened, also got soft and floppy in the heat.  Yet the large shark head, also made out of fondant, stayed perfectly intact.  Go figure.  But those limp shark fins were sad.  Just sad!  I even tried propping them up with candles.

Joseph had watched me making the shark head and asked me well in advance if he could eat it once it was his birthday.  I don't think he waited 2 seconds after blowing out the candles before he grabbed that topper off and bit right into it!

Apparently the cupcakes were pretty tasty too.  No shock - they had a little surprise inside.  Each one had an Oreo cookie baked right in the middle!  Great recipe from Martha Stewart Everyday FOOD magazine, although I used a different frosting.

There wasn't too much left after the feeding frenzy!
That's the sign of a good cake.

I think this is my favorite cake I've made to date!  Do I say that every year?  All I know is I promised my baby boy that Daddy would always make sure he had a cool Halloween costume and a great birthday cake, so I try my best not to disappoint.


AKA Jane Random said...
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AKA Jane Random said...

Amazing as usual! I've yet to try to work with fondant but I've definitely experience the melting effect. Several years ago I made an elaborate (for me!) pool themed cake. I made the diving boards with mini snickers and graham crackers and glued Lego men on with icing on so it looked like they were jumping in. Unfortunately, the hotter it got the more often the Lego men did actually jump in! Accidentally, of course, but it definitely made me never want to leave a cake outside for very long again.

Rgutro said...

What a talented baker you are - amazing cake. You guys are the best dads, too. My partner and I really enjoy following your adventures (we have canine children so their parties are "catered" by the Three Dog Bakery. :) You're a wonderful example to all. Glad to see you're enjoying the summer. - Rob