Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kastles Klub

A certain good friend & neighbor of ours works for a certain cable sports network and often enough scores some pretty amazing tickets that she so very generously shares.  A few weeks back, right after the birthday party that consumes 210% of my energy was over, we were treated to VIP seats at the Washington Kastles tennis tournament.  Brent, Olga and Jocelyn are all great tennis players and have good reason to want to be there.  I was really just along for the ride.

The "dream seats" were literally one row back from the court.  And in that one row directly in front of us there was an amazingly special guest.  If you click on the picture above before looking at the one below, you can just barely make her out, wearing sunglasses, with her hands up to her face.

She actually came right up to our table and shook hands with Lisa, who was our genreous host for the evening's festivities.

YES, it is Mrs. President Of The United States, our First Lady, Michelle Obama!!!  It was an honor just to sit so close her her (and Sasha & Malia!) and take in some tennis.

Oh, and Venus Williams was there too.

It all just got me in the spirit.  We were served a multi-course dinner courtside and had people waiting on us throughout the event.  So lovely to watch the sun set in the middle of the city, with the peak of the Washington Monument in the center of the stands.

Afterwards Lisa's press pass got us right down on the court to see Venus up close and personal, along with the Kastle mascots.  We even got some "swag" - free racquets for the kids.

And since we were right there on the courts, we had a little fun.  Maybe they'll make a tennis player of me yet!

Or not.

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Jocie Z ROCK said...

Okay funniest post ever!!! ESP with your last line "NOT". And Brent with the time out. Sign- great shot you captured with lis and Obama!!!! Too too cool