Saturday, July 7, 2012

Go, Speedracer!

Due to some intermittent thunderstorms in Rehoboth we skipped the beach itself one afternoon and headed instead over to the Midway Speedway Park to try out some go-kart action and other fun attractions.  Joseph and his friend Zara were a little too concerned to try it at first, but their buddy Ethan raced like a pro.

Once Joseph and Zara saw how much fun Ethan was having they decided to give it a try after all.  Joseph loved it and was an absolute natural at it.  Zara got off to a bumpy start and decided it was not her thing.

Joe Joe even went back for a second round and would have gone over and over if we had more time.  I was so proud of him for trying something that he thought was a little scary at first, especially when really loud places are generally not his thing.  He just keeps getting more adventurous as he grows up!

The timing of this experience is amusing since we just recently were playing with go-kart toys at home.  It's been tough filling the long days between school ending and camp day we built this Luigi K'nex kit we had in the closet and spent a long time racing with it and the Mario Kart we had built previously.

I know you know that Top Gun quote, so say it with me:  
"I feel the need......the need for SPEED!"

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