Monday, July 2, 2012


We had a severe storm hit us on Friday night, seemingly out of nowhere.  I don't know anything about weather, especially "straight line winds," but apparently they are fiercely destructive, as detailed here in the Washington Post.  Hundreds of thousands of people are without power in the DC area and trees are down on every other street.  Our next door neighbors' tree cracked in half and toppled over, blocking our street entirely but otherwise luckily avoiding everything except said neighbors' car.

The next day a fire squad arrived with chain saws to clear the street, which was fascinating for the kids to watch.  Hopefully it will be the only time a fire engine needs to park itself in front of our house!
Unfortunately they still left the majority of the tree on poor Hazel's car and in the other neighbors' yard.

Yesterday the real clean up crew arrived.  People came from blocks around to watch them in action.  Another amazing thing for all the kids to see!

They might have thought to cut the bigger part of the tree in half before hauling it up with a crane, as they came pretty darn close to knocking out some overhead power lines with it swinging around.

In the end they did such an amazing job.  Like nothing ever happened!

We thought we were sitting pretty and even hosted some friends who were without power and in need of air conditioning during our heat wave.  Then last night out of nowhere our power suddenly went out.  We heard that another tree fell and knocked down more lines......but is anyone else wondering if the tree fell off a crane like I am?

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Hazel said...

Hi Alton Boys! Found your pic of my car (and now absent tree) by googling "derecho". Love the fact you captured a historic moment affecting ME personally! Love you all!! - Hazel