Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Shiver of Sharks

Joseph and his friends had a ton of fun splashing around the water park all day at his birthday party, especially enjoying the variety of slides and the lazy river.

Even after spending the majority of the day wet and wild there wasn't a shivering shark amongst us.  (And no, I did not know that the proper name for a group of sharks is a "shiver."  I Googled it.)   But just in case, instead of the usual bag o' plastic junk from one of the usual online novelty stores, we brought along a special party favor for each of our guests.  The towels (on clearance from Carter's) were an instant hit, and the kids had a ball with them :)

(sign also by www.creativeinvitationsbycarrie.com!)

And with that, I promise, no more pictures from Joseph's birthday!

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