Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Glad Grad

Joseph graduated from preschool 2 weeks ago!  (and I'm just getting around to posting this now!)  Our grad looked very dapper but we might have thought to remedy the Justin Bieber do in advance.

The school put on such an adorable program.  The kids lined up and marched in, and then had a music show with Miss Angela.  Joseph just loves to sing!  You can even hear him from across the room.  You can tell they worked so hard all year long learning all these songs and using all the different instruments.

The event was documented quite thoroughly...

The teachers presented each of the graduates with a diploma, a "bobble head" statue, and a giant binder of much of their accumulated writing and art projects.

We, in turn, presented the teachers and staff with some year end gifts.  As a room parent I helped come up with many of the ideas, one my favorites being this framed photo.  I had taken a picture of the entire class with the teachers a few months before, and we passed the mat boards around and had each of the kids sign them before I framed them.  So cute!

It is so, so sad saying goodbye to Westmoreland.  We've loved having Joseph there these past 2 years.  He has grown and matured, learned so much, and made so many wonderful friends.  We owe a lot to Miss Kasia and Miss Sandra and will miss them so much!

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Jocie Z ROCK said...

Awww the one with Kasia Sandra and jojo is adorable. So sweet