Sunday, June 17, 2012

Double Daddy Day

Yes, Joe Joe technically only has 1 Daddy - his other father is a Papa - but a friend today wished us a happy "double daddy day," and I thought it was just too cute to not quote.  (Thanks, Liz!)  (Now for those sticklers for details, yes, technically Joe Joe celebrates triple daddy day, as we always celebrate his birth father too, but we won't get into that now.)

We had some gorgeous weather today and spent a good part of the morning and afternoon on the waterfront in Georgetown.  Joseph loves to ride his bike up, down and all around the paths there, and it's always a fun place to have a little lunch and watch the boats and planes coming and going.

I took the 1st pic of us with my regular camera, the 2nd with my cell phone to quickly post on Facebook.  I love the spontaneity of the 2nd one, and I just adore the literalness that it's the 3 of us celebrating our day together :)  I have no idea why he did that, but it's perfect!

This was the 1st time we've been to the waterfront when the fountain was on.  Mental note: bring bathing suit and towel next time.  Grateful for waterproof Keene's today.

Afterwards there were a few presents to present.  Joseph is amazingly good at keeping secret what "he" bought for each of us and was so proud when it was finally time for the big reveal.  The shwanky French tennis racquet was clearly not for me.

So funny that we both got cards with Lightening McQueen on them!  He hadn't watched the movie in ages until recently, and now he's all into it again.  It's always a score finding a card for Brent that says "Papa" that's not in Spanish.

My card, for some reason, was made out to BAB BI.  I'm not sure who that guy is, nor am I aware of why one of my presents was made by someone named "JOSE."  (Oh, how I wish I could type a backwards "S" there).

I find it so amusing when he does stuff like that.  I used to get all freaked out that his development was off or it meant he wasn't ready for kindergarten, but when you know he can do the following, you realize he's just being a goofball:

So, what did "JOSE" make?"

In case you can't tell, it's a cookie.  Of a Disney Car.  How appropriate!  Finn McMissile, to be exact.  Which came with the "BAKED: EXPLORATIONS" cookbook.  Which I am drooling over, it looks so good!  But we all know the best gift of all is just that we get to be this beautiful boy's fathers!

Indeed, we had a happy "double daddy day" today.   Hope all you other dads out there did too, whether it's your very 1st father's day or your 50th!

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Ashley Miller said...

Happy late Fathers Day to you both.