Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Urban Pirate Adventure

It would be so cool if I came up with the concept of the Urban Pirate!  Alas, it is an actual business based in nearby Baltimore, MD that provides a pirate-y experience to us city dwellers and their pirate loving children.  

My friend Carrie threw the idea out to our preschool crowd and then handed the reigns over to me to make it happen.  We got together a group of 40 people (the boat only holds 49!)  and stormed the Inner Harbor at Fells Point.  We boarded our boat, the Fearless, ready for some swashbuckling fun.

The crew dresses the kids up in vests and sashes, face paints on scars and beards, and gives them all tattoos.  (Bandanas, telescopes, eye patches, swords, hooks and the like are conveniently available for sale preboarding!)

After some words from our captain we learned to walk, talk and dance like a pirate, then set sail on the harbor for an hour.  The kids played games, danced and heard tall tales along the way.

We discovered how Mad Dog Mike had gone crazy and stolen our treasure.  But when he appeared we were ready at the water cannons to battle him for the loot.  

We were, of course, successful, and each pirate trainee got their fair share of the bounty.

Yo, ho, ho, it's a pirate's life for me!  ARGH!!!!

(Wish I would have know about this back when Joseph had a pirate birthday party when he was three.  Might have been a lot easier than doing this and this.  Oh, and this.  Aaaaand this.  Though I did love every little bit about that party and wouldn't trade it for the world!)

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AKA Jane Random said...

We did something like this in Panama City Beach, Florida a few years ago. I've never seen kids so excited to mop the floor, I mean swab the deck, as these kids. There is just something about being on a pirate ship I guess.