Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jump for Joy

Daniel, whom Joseph bonded with at the Dress Up Gala a few weeks ago, insisted that we be invited to his birthday party.  As Joseph has very often asked about him since that night, we knew it was a date.  His party was at a place called Sport Bounce, way out in Ashburn, VA.  Joe Joe would absolutely say it was worth the drive.  He loved seeing Daniel again and he loved these giant slides.

As always, Joseph was right up next to the birthday cake.

One of their signature party perks is having all the kids pile into this giant inflatable chair.  The staff takes a photo and prints out a copy for each guest.  Very nice touch!  But that didn't stop every single parent there (including me!) from whipping out their camera or phone to try a get a shot of their own.  

As we were leaving Joseph asked if we could have his birthday party there too.  Uh, no - it's like an hour from our house!

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