Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jack's Jurassic Birthday!

I loved, loved, loved Joseph's dinosaur birthday party last year, but his buddy Jack requested the same theme this year and somehow Missy managed to throw an ever better dinosaur party than anyone could have imaged or little boy could have wished for.  

Some elements were the similar to ours, like the invitation, footprints, fossil dig, birthday banner, dino decorations everywhere, and cutout sandwiches, but this party was absolutely kicked up a notch.  The carved T. Rex watermelon - AMAZING!  The ice age frozen dino cubes in the drink buckets - BRILLIANT!

Most incredible and unique was the erupting volcano constructed by Matt.  A little baking soda, vinegar, dish soap, and food coloring.....voila!  Multiple lava flows throughout the party.  The kids were thrilled!  Except Joe Joe, who was hiding inside thinking it would be scary.

The cake was decorated to look just like the invitation.  Absolutely gorgeous!

Yet another amazing party thrown by Missy!  Hard to believe our little Jackie is 5!  It always gets me thinking about Joseph's birthday just two short months away.....


missy said...

you are too kind! and i am so grateful we are able to plan these parties together...you always make me strive to be better and more creative, but you know i will NEVER surpass the master! xoxo

Josie said...

Does anyone have any kind of tutorial on the Dino Melon? I was wondering if two melons were used or only one, as there are little dinosaurs carved in the dish as well. Thanks!