Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Flower Mart

Last weekend we made it to the National Cathedral's Flower Mart, their annual outdoor spring festival. There's food, music, plants and herbs for sale, and lots of family friendly activities.  Each year one of DC's embassies is honored (this year was Jamaica).   The Cathedral is such a gorgeous place to visit that it's great to have a reason to go see it at least once a year.

The Cathedral, like the Washington Monument, sustained some pretty significant damage in that freak magnitude 5.9 earthquake we had last summer for like 10 seconds.  On display were some of the huge stone carvings that were falling off the place left and right.  There was scaffolding and restoration work going on everywhere. 

There seemed to be many fewer rides this year due to space limitations and safety.  Of note was that Joseph wanted to brave the rides all by himself this year.  He usually wants Papa to do everything with him.  Quite unexpected!

We spent more time exploring inside the Cathedral this year.  Seriously, it is one amazing building!  Those beautiful stained glass windows just might be the inspiration I needed in designing a new quilt project.....

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, you guys seem to pack in such fantastic activities into your family time! Would love to see another quilt soon too! Leigh