Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Clown Face

Oh.  Dear.  Lord.

At "May Fair" last weekend, the annual fundraiser at our local park, they were doing free face painting for the kids.  As a pediatrician who has seen far too many nasty reactions to the stuff, I have successfully avoided it thus far.  But this time Joseph saw it and asked to do it.  Gotta give in some times, I guess.  He wanted the full on orange and black tiger face.  We tried to encourage the much simpler pirate face.  He settled on a clown.

Maybe it's just me, but that's got to be the saddest excuse for a clown face I've ever seen.  Interestingly reminds me of the self portrait he did for the school art show.

But the guy was so proud of what he did he had to take a picture of it.  He needs practice.....

In other May Fair news, they always have pony rides.  JT went on 3 times, and he got the same horse, Cassie, every time.

They had the coolest moon bounce I've yet to see, right up our guy's alley.  We just might be going with a shark/sea creature theme for this year's birthday....

And his bravery continues with wanting to ride the swinging pirate ship.  He has never wanted to go on one of these things before, and he loved it!


Nadeen said...

Love the scary clown face!!!

Sadie said...

Ha ha, you think that is bad face painting? At the last school carnival, my youngest son asked for a "Darth Vader". He wound up walking around in black face for the rest of the day. I was mortified.