Sunday, May 13, 2012

(birth)Mother's Day

Although our Joe Joe is being raised by 2 fathers, it goes without saying that he obviously has a mother as well.  In fact, without her, it would be impossible for us to be parents at all.  And so we all celebrate Mother's day together in some way, shape or form every year without fail.  

Adoption can be complicated, and surely very hard for an almost 5 year old to understand.  We've not yet had the honor of meeting Joseph's birth family, and he's light years away from understanding all the private details, but we make sure to talk about them regularly so once it finally clicks with him it's not a completely foreign concept.  

This year we decided to plant a hydrangea in our backyard to honor Joseph's birthmother.  Every year when it blooms, right around Mother's Day, we'll all see something beautiful to remind us of the beautiful person that she clearly must be.  Joe Joe got to pick it out himself and do most of the planting work too, with Brent's guidance.

He's got his own little gardening gloves!

Happy Mother's Day to Moms everywhere!


AKA Jane Random said...

Love this idea. He is well loved.

Jocie Z ROCK said...

this is beyond beautiful-- loved your words

missy said...

well this is just about the sweetest thing ever! i am grateful for joe joe's birth mother today and every day, as she helped make your dreams come true, and gave me my handsome godson. :) happy day to all!! xo

rebecca saint said...

i cant figure out how to follow you!!!! its driving me crazy... maybe my computers just broke.