Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sharp Dressed Man

It was time again for the annual "Dress Up With Grown Ups Gala!"  Brent is on the board of directors for a local organization providing medical care to underserved children, and every year they host a wonderful party that includes kids.  Joseph was in serious need of some new dress clothes, and he couldn't look more dapper in his new ensemble!

How cute are those little loafers?!  (Got them in both black and brown on clearance from Janie & Jack - score!)  And how handsome are my two men?!

Lucky for us there were a few extra tickets this year that Brent's staff didn't want to use, so we got to invite some friends.  We knew a gorgeous little girl right down the street who had the perfect dress!  Zara and her mom Jocelyn nicely agreed to be our dates, and they were the belles of the ball. 

Can't you just see these two going to prom?!?!?!

Funny, everyone got a name badge when they checked in.  Jocelyn somehow got to be a Dr. Rock for the night, but I was just "Carl."  I didn't even get "Dr." on mine!

There was a silent auction, hors d'oeuvres (corn dogs and sliders for the kids!), drinks (Joseph's 1st Shirley Temple!), a sit down dinner, and dancing with DJ Ice.

One of Brent's coworkers has an adorable boy the same age as Joe Joe.  He and Daniel played together a little last year, but this time around the were thick as thieves, even dancing together most of the time.

My, oh my, speaking of dancing......we're just about one step away from the "white man's overbite" dance move with this one.

Moves like Jagger?  Please watch the 2nd video all the way to the end!

Overall such a super, super fun night!  I wish there more events like this!

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