Monday, April 23, 2012

Pretty Pony

On to party #2 - Ania's Pink Pretty Pony party.  Or is it My Little Pony?  Girl stuff escapes me!  Though it was held at the local My Gym again, which is more about gymnastics than ponies.  (You know, in retrospect it seems like I really did break my toe trying out the zip line at Ania's party there last year, as 1 year later I still can't fully bend it.  Guess it's time to finally get that checked out.)

This stuff never seems to get old with Joseph and the preschool crowd.  Riding a "rocket ship," zip lining into a ball pit, bouncing on trampolines and generally running amok!

They have an amazing instructor there now.  How he got all those kids to stand there, each holding a ribbon from the pinata without pulling on it, I'll never know.  I hope they pay him well.  (You can tell Joseph's hand by the monster truck tattoo.  Every picture over the past few weeks, there's a monster truck tattoo.  At least it's not always the same one.)

And then there's party #3.....

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