Sunday, April 15, 2012


I will freely admit it:  despite being a pediatrician and well-versed in early childhood development, I none-the-less went into anxious parent mode thinking about Joseph starting kindergarten in the Fall.  He'll just be turning 5!  He'll be among the youngest in the class!  Boys are slower than girls!  And worst of all, everyone else is holding their kids back and they'll all be light years ahead of him!  All this, despite being told by Joseph's teachers, friends, family (and oh yeah, his Papa too) that he's totally ready for school.

So I invested in a few of these Kumon preschool workbooks that I'd seen at the bookstore.  Every day Joseph has "homework" to do with his nanny or me, consisting of one sheet each from the books on letters, numbers, and coloring.  The first 2 weeks he was not happy, moaning and groaning about doing them.  But them something clicked, and he started to ask for them.  And now he really enjoys them, and to boot, I can actually see progress in his learning, helping me feel a lot more comfortable about him thriving in a true educational environment.

I'm proud to say my boy is starting to recognize "sight words" left and right.  He's asking how to spell words all the time.  He's interested in how to say words and count in Spanish.  He wants to color almost every day now.  And out of nowhere, he seems to have spelled his very 1st word!  We were in the car, and he points to the car in front of us and says "Look, that says J-E-E-P.  That spells Jeep."  And yes, yes it does!  Random, but true.

Janney Elementary, here we come!

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Laurie Anne said...

As a former K teacher this post made me chuckle. It is tough these days as parents want to give their child an advantage by holding them back. When parents ask me about their summer birthday kids, I tell them it is more about emotional readiness than academic. The kids who can "roll with it" have a much easier time. Best of luck ~ Kindergarten is the best :0)