Friday, April 6, 2012

A-hunting We Will Go!

Hurray for the 3rd annual Estabrook Egg Hunt!

We always look forward to Aunt Missy's parties!  The weather could not have been more perfect and nature could not have been more cooperative, making sure those trees of hers were in full bloom for the event.  I love to come a little early to help hide eggs around the yard and let Joe Joe have his private time with Jack and Will before the masses arrive.  The yard was stunning!

There was an incredibly special guest this year:  

Most of the kids quite quickly and rightly identified The Easter Bunny as Uncle Mr. Matt, but my godson Will didn't necessarily get the memo (see the 2nd video below too).

Matt totally worked the crowd, dancing and playing with the kids to take their minds (and eyes) off the hundreds (and hundreds!) of eggs just steps away from them.  He also acted as master of ceremonies this year, cutting the ribbon and letting the kids loose.

Unlike the kid pile-up last year (I still love that video!), only one kid went down this year.  I saw her fall out of the corner of my eye; luckily Caroline was OK.  Love how Joseph threw back an egg that didn't have anything good in it.

As if all the candy, stickers, drinks, and cookies weren't enough, Missy made a gorgeous display of cake pops for the little guests too.  Robin's egg blue!

Thanks, Easter Bunny!

And thanks, Mis!  I'm always looking forward to what you have planned next!

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