Monday, April 30, 2012


Despite the red shirt, we made the decision not to "redshirt" our little guy and finally got him enrolled in Kindergarten.  I had planned so many times to get those papers dropped off while he was at preschool one morning but never got around to it, and since the deadline was nearing, I just had to drag him along with me last Thursday.  In retrospect, it was pure genius, as he got to hand-carry his own enrollment forms in and see the inside of his new school for the very 1st time.  He even got to meet the assistant principal.  We were almost through the door before I realized I could take a picture of this momentous occasion with the camera on my phone.  Pure joy!  Janney Elementary, here we come!

(Redshirting refers to the practice of postponing entrance into kindergarten of age-eligible children in order to allow extra time for socioemotional, intellectual, or physical growth. This occurs most frequently where children's birthdays are so close to the cut-off dates that they are very likely to be among the youngest in their kindergarten class.  (Thank you for that, Wikipedia.))

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