Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday

The Bunny was quite generous, as always, bringing Joe Joe a basket jammed full with new trains, monster trucks, dvd's, games, superhero t-shirts, books, a new personalized beach towel, the obligatory candy, and a new set of shark sheets.  (Yes, the Bunny brought sheets.  Not my idea.  Blame Brent.)

It's always amazing how well the Bunny knows Joe Joe's current interests.  Thomas?  Sure, but now we have some Chuggington trains too.  Books?  All about the Berenstain Bears, for some reason.  Videos?  It's all Handy Manny all the time.  And the most remarkable feat is how he scoured at least 10 stores over the course of the past month until he found a replacement for the misplaced and sorely missed Shark Wreak monster truck.  For this, as well as the jelly beans, we went to the Tower Oaks Lodge for brunch with the Bunny himself.

We love this particular outpost of the Clyde's restaurant chain.  They serve a great brunch, provide a photo op with the Bunny, send you home with a complimentary family photo, and have a beautiful koi pond in front which can entertain kids for hours.

Although in does have that "lodge-y" decor....

In the afternoon we were invited to a potluck celebration at the Maniscalco's.  Their son Benjamin was in Joseph's preschool class last year and they live right in our neighborhood.  Lucille had fun and games lined up for everyone, like egg races for the kids (although some of us grown ups may have joined in).

Then an Easter egg hunt - Joseph's third!  You've seen plenty of him, so here are Lucille and Mike's adorable kids, Lily and Benjamin.  Ben was the wise one who spotted the egg in the tree and just went for it.  But our friend Zara found the one extra special golden egg, which had a silver dollar inside.

I think the highlight for the adults was the couples egg toss.  Yup, old school raw egg thrown back and forth until it cracked.  Some people got it good!  I had told Lucille there was no way I'd get Brent to do it, thinking he wouldn't risk getting dirty (sorry hon, the truth hurts), but his competitive nature came out and he was the 1st in line.

Brent and I were the winners!

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Nadeen said...

Ok I need for you guys to adopt me!!! I have never heard of the Easter Bunny giving gifts like Santa does! :-). I only got a chocolate bunny. And the egg events looked way fun!