Friday, March 30, 2012


Have I mentioned how much I love the Capital Crescent Trail?  I really only discovered how close we are to it about a year ago, and it's become one of my favorite places to run, weather permitting.  I also recently realized that a park we've been to a few times while seeing the cherry blossoms in Kenwood is right on the edge of the trail.  Since Joseph has been obsessed with riding his bike nonstop, we thought the trail would be a great place to let him loose.  He logged a few miles there!

Poppy called while we were at the park, about to head home.  He had sent some money with Mimi for Joseph to buy something special from him.  Since they were talking about riding his bike, they decided to buy a bell.

We were right near Griffin Cycle, where the Easter Bunny had purchased the bike last Easter, so we headed right over.  Mission accomplished!

I love seeing Joseph so excited about exercise.  It's really not just the bells and whistles (ok, bad pun there...), he truly loves being out on his bike racing around.  He loves swimming too, so maybe if I can convince him to start running with me, he'll be a triathlete some day.

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Nadeen said...

So cool! "Easter Bunny"!! Wow. I thought they only brought baskets! I like that now when I log on to my blog it has a list with excerpts of all the blogs I follow so I can see your adventures more often! Still cant believe JoJo will be 5! I remember where I was standing in my apartment when you called and told me you have a baby!