Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Rainbow Connection Quilt

The quilt I started making with Joseph's preschool class last month is all done and auctioned off!  This was the design for the rainbow themed scrap quilt:

Each of the kids got to sew together 1 row made up of 8 fabric pieces, then I took them home and added the white sashing strips to put it all together into a quilt top.  Looks pretty much like I had planned.

Before submitting it to the auction committee I brought the quilt back to the class to show the kids the finished product.  They were so excited and all wanted to have it for themselves!

The fabric I wanted to use for the back was just a little too short.  The solution?  I had cut so many fabric scraps with no particular plan in mind and had a bunch left over, so I turned some of them into rainbow stripes and inserted them into the back.  I also snuck in one little piece of leopard print since their class is named The Leopards.

I also threw a few more scraps into the binding strips.  Too much?

For the quilting I did double lines in all the white areas.  I then outlined each row with corresponding thread color, thinking it would blend on the front and pop on the grey in the back.  The front looked great but unfortunately it's just a little too subtle on the back and you have to be all up in its face to even notice.  Oh well, it was a nice idea.

Now, I had actually planned on hating this quilt.  I'm not really a rainbows and unicorns kind of guy.  Plus, I really let the kids do whatever they wanted - no telling them which fabrics to pick or what order to put them in.   Odd that I would even bother to make something that I didn't like, but I was doing it more for the process (of working with the kids and teaching them something I love) than anything else.  But you know what?  I L.O.V.E. this quilt so much that I was almost sad to see it go.  I love that so many random pieces of fabric (some that I've had for up to 15 years!) finally got used and look so great together.  I love the bright colors, the pattern, the contrast of the light and dark between the front and the back.

I think the red block is my favorite.  No, I know it is!  I've long wanted to make an entirely red quilt and have been slowly accumulating a variety of fabrics specifically for that purpose.  Maybe I should start planning that out soon....but I do have several other projects that need to come first.

I gave the auction committee an estimated value of $50.  I mean, it was made for a grand total of maybe $5 for some batting.  It sold for $70.  I had hoped it would have gone for more, but that's still pretty good.  And it went to a good home.  Right across the street from me - literally.  So I can visit it any time I want.


Jacquelineand.... said...

It's a gorgeous quilt and such a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Love that the quilt was made by the children & how it turned out. You make it all sound so easy....

Rgutro said...

Amazing craftsmanship!

Marilyn said...

This is a truly beautiful quilt! I love the added colours in the backing and the binding. You and the children must be proud to have been part of such a creation! Whoever paid only$70 got a huge bargain there!

Tara said...

I realize this an old post, but one of your photos turned up during a search I was doing. I love that you made a quilt with preschoolers! I do a quilting project every year with my children's classes, and will continue for as long as their teachers are interested. I'm preparing the fabric for my daughter's preschool and kindergarten class right now, and they start sewing next week. Here are some past quilts I did with my kids' classes:

Keep sewing!