Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cupcakes and a Cake Wreck

After Joseph and I spent a fun afternoon together seeing the cherry blossoms last week and not baking a cake for Brent, we popped by Georgetown Cupcakes to pick up a little something sweet to celebrate his birthday with on Friday.

Brent, along with the rest of America, has become obsessed with the British TV show "Downton Abbey." I'd seen these paper dolls circulating around on the internet so I printed them out to decorate the cake stand as a little joke.  Nothing says birthday fun like the Dowager Countess!

Brent's mom came into town on Saturday, so I did finally bake a cake so we could celebrate a second time.

I tried a new recipe from Saveur magazine.  The cover article was on the "Best Cakes EVER," and Brent opted for the caramel cake over red velvet.  Now, I am a baker.  A pretty good baker at that if I do say so myself.  I try new recipes all the time and do well.  However, at least in terms of presentation, this particular cake was an EPIC. FAIL.  Lopsided, lumpy, oozing caramel frosting everywhere.

But inside it looked pretty, and it tasted damn fine.  It's the thought that counts, right?

(There was a ton of caramel fudge frosting left over and I cannot wait to see how it tastes on plain old vanilla ice cream!)  


Paula said...

Due to prior posts I don't think you are ever allowed to call something you do a cake wreck!

I'm not sure it's the thought that counts but the taste that counts! Sounds like the taste of your caramel cake was great so I say success!

Here was my post on my own cake wrecks:

Julia Brian said...

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Nadeen said...

Lol!! Im sure it still tasted yummy!