Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Central Park Zoo

Despite the weather we were still able to take a quick stroll through Central Park after our visit to the American Museum of Natural History on Friday.  Even in the fog and drizzling rain it is such a beautiful place.  I can't even imagine how gorgeous it is in Spring!

Sunny Saturday wound up being a much better day to visit the Central Park Zoo.   Joseph loves the book "and tango makes three" and the movie Madagascar, which both have characters from this zoo.

Appropriately enough, "and tango makes three," by Peter Parnell & Justin Richardson, is the true story of a baby penguin who has 2 daddies, just like our Joe Joe.  Penguin feeding time was shortly after our arrival and was quite fun to watch.  Those birds are fast and put on such a show diving in and popping up out of the water.

We saw lots of cool animals, most of which were surprisingly very active in the cold.  Interestingly the Central Park Zoo does not have a lion, a zebra, a giraffe, nor a hippo.  In other words, not a single character from the Madagascar movie in sight, outside of the penguins.  You have to go to the Bronx Zoo for that.  I guess you can't always believe Hollywood.

Polar Bear

Snow Leopard

I have no idea what this thing is!

Red Panda

After seeing lots of colorful, funny looking birds and warming up in the rain forest we headed outside  again,

just in time to see the sea lion feeding in their pool in the central garden area.

There's a separate children's zoo, more of a small nature trail to explore with some petting stations, but the vast majority of it was closed for renovations.

Which was fine, since we'd had about enough and still needed to hit the souvenir shop before heading back to the hotel to meet up with Grammy and Grandpa.

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