Sunday, March 4, 2012


No trip to New York City with a kid is complete without a visit to the mecca of toy stores, FAO Schwarz.

The toy soldier guys at the entrance have one job and one job only: do that pose with every single solitary person that walks through the front door.  This one had it down pat.  Even on the retakes, he looked exactly the same in every picture.

Remember the scene from the movie Big where Tom Hanks played "Chopsticks" on the giant keyboard?  I still love that movie.  I took video of Joseph running around on it but for some reason Blogger only allows an upload of 100MB and mine was bigger.  Why, Blogger, WHY?  You're depriving people of cuteness!

Naturally no trip to any toy store with a kid is complete without a purchase.  The Cars characters traveled with us from DC, as per usual, but Siddeley the spy jet is a new addition to our family.

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Sadie said...

can you upload the video to youtube and then embed it?

(yes, i'm totally oogling your whole blog after stumbling on it looking for dino party ideas for a friend, LOL)