Friday, March 2, 2012

American Museum of Natural History

Our 1st day in New York turned out to be a little cold and rainy.  Although we had been looking forward to a morning stroll through Central Park, we quickly shifted gears and decided an indoor destination would be a better option, and off to the American Museum of Natural History we went.

The entrance itself is spectacular and got us all excited to explore the rest of the place.

While waiting for tickets we noticed a sign indicating there were smart phone apps available.  This was right up my alley given my brand new iPhone!  It was downloaded in a snap and was an incredible resource.  Tap on any exhibit to get it's location and directions, a photo, and descriptive information.

(Cool, there it is!)

Most useful were the tour options.  With a likely-to-be-impatient 4 year old we chose the "Highlights Tour."  You could then choose 1 of 3 options for short, medium, or long tour covering 6, 12, or 19 stops.  We could also have just focused on a Dino tour, Earth & Space, or "Night at the Museum" tour (which might be fun once we see the movies).

We started out on the Cosmic Pathway in the Rose Center for Earth & Space.

(not a nice number to see on any scale)

(much better!)

Good to see Joseph getting into the exhibits.  The museum probably would have preferred he not be so literal.

A few other highlights:

94 ft long fiberglass blue whale replica

Easter Island Head

The Great Canoe, 64 feet long

African Elephants

At each tour stop you can mark each exhibit as "visited" on the phone and get directions to the next stop.  A very organized was to make this HUGE museum manageable with a little one.  

The dinosaurs, of course, were the most awesome part!

We managed to see 17 of the 19 highlights with a lunch break somewhere in there. We were right next to the 18th when someone insisted he had to go potty, and it was just too far to walk back just to see an emerald, even if it was 632 carats.

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Nadeen said...

Such an awesome place. I love taking my nieces there and we have hit most of the same places!