Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sealed With a Kiss

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  In case you didn't get one personally, here's the sweet treat we made to give out to Joseph's friends today:  a chocolate lollipop with a tag that reads "Sealed with a KISS from Joseph."  I never did try to get a better picture than that 1st attempt so we used what we had and it looks pretty adorable.

Last night we worked on personalizing the envelopes for Joseph's Valentine cards.  Handwriting is not yet one of our guy's strong suits so I only asked him to write the 1st letter of all his friends' names.  He worked quite diligently, but this was again not one of his favorite things to do.  Much like last year

They looked quite cute in the end.  Then Joseph got to match the names and deliver the cards at school this morning.

The cards themselves:
(I can never settle on just one!  My new favorite stationary source is Pear Tree Greetings.)

It's so hard to believe Joseph didn't spend much time at school last year around Valentine's because he had just had surgery.  How time flies!

There wasn't technically a party today but I couldn't send him to school without a special snack to share.  Well, I could have, but I've recently received some subtle hints that everyone has been craving the red velvet cake balls I made one time last year.  And you know how flattery gets you everywhere.

There are 17 kids in Joe Joe's class, and not everyone was present today.  I sent in at least 36 cake pops.  None came home.  I think the snack was definitely shared.  Is this why everyone tells me he's so lovable?  No, it's just because he IS!

Our Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete if we also didn't do something for Papa, who Joseph adores.  He picked out this gorgeous hydrangea plant for Brent to plant in the garden, and we found a chocolate lollipop that seemed to be just right for the occasion.

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Jocie Z ROCK said...

aww the hydrangea looks awesome! and look at joseph personally writing all his cards! WOW great post!!