Sunday, February 12, 2012


Another spontaneous bowling adventure yesterday morning, this time in our neck of the woods with a few friends from the block.  Bowlmor Lanes in Bethesda is one of those places with a funky retro vibe and a bar, but early on a Saturday morning it's all kiddie birthday parties and pizza.

Joseph and his fellow Alton Kids, Ethan and Zara.  (Please try not to be distracted by the size eight sweater on my 4 year old that is significantly smaller than the size seven shirt he is wearing.  He refused to take it off once it was on and if that's how he wants to go out in public, so be it).

Me, Lisa and Jocelyn showing our bowling form.  Lisa's trying to act like she was robbed.

The kids are a riot with this ramp thingy.  Joseph pushes the ball off with such exuberance that his feet literally leave the ground!

I came away the big winner with a score of 132.  Yeah baby, 4 strikes and a spare.  Just ignore the multiple 6 pin frames in between.  I don't think I even broke 100 last time!

See, bowling can be fun, especially if you go with fun people!

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missy said...

what, were we not fun?! ;)