Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where a Kid Can Be a Kid

Anyone with a kid immediately knows what I'm talking about.

Poppy decided he wanted to treat his grandsons to an afternoon at the Cheese Factory and there was no saying no.  The kids were way too excited.  I have dreaded going to this place since before we even had a kid.  The noise, the mayhem, the germy factor, the bad pizza....what's to look forward to?  It doesn't help that in the parking lot on the way in I walked into a truck and bashed my leg.  OK, maybe that last part was my fault, I am kind of a clutz.  Alright, I am a clutz.  But why are there these giant trailer hitches sticking SO FAR out of the back of a truck?  I didn't think I was anywhere near the truck itself and then BAM!  Owwww......

So moaning & groaning aside, well, it was fun.  Yes, it was FUN! (Except for the pizza, that actually was bad.)

I was surprised how long the tokens actually lasted.  The boys really had a good time with so many of the games.

Leyton even scored the Jackpot on one!

Apparently you even get a ticket just for playing, even if you suck at the game.  Nice touch, Chuck E.  Then you get to cash them in at the Wall Of Junk.

And this is what 4 year olds want, outside of candy.

Did you know this place is not just for little kids?  It's also for the big kids that brought the little kids and steal their tokens.  I mean share.

So speaking of big kids, let me try to wrap up a little more of these vacation pics before it's laughably late.  All the boys got Lego sets for Christmas.  Why are the grown ups sitting there putting them all together?

I even had a chance to feel like a kid when Glenn and I took out Mimi's candy apple red Mazda Miata for a ride.

I've started using my Flip Video a lot more recently.  This clip is purely about what these kids did the e.n.t.i.r.e. time.  Constantly running, wrestling, playing with each other.  And if you're Ashton, punching.  Hard.  All amongst the added chaos of 3 dogs jumping and barking incessantly.

Lastly, 1 more clip with 2 of the biggest kids of all, Brent and his mom.  You've never seen 2 more competitive people.  It's not a very interesting match, but I think it's worth watching just to hear my response when they ask me & June if we want to play.

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feiane (fe-yan) said...

looks so much fun... it makes me miss my cousins, nephew and nieces... happy new year!