Thursday, January 5, 2012

Training Day

For our first day back from Louisiana we knew we had plans in advance - another visit to the Garden Railway at the U.S. Botanic Gardens, this time with Jack & Co.  As a big bonus for Joseph, Papa got to come along as well.  A plus for the rest of us is that we got to celebrate Aunt Missy's birthday with her, even if not in the extravagant style that we did for last year's milestone birthday.  The boys were done with the trains in a flash, and then it was off to run amok in the gardens themselves.

All was well until the other shoe dropped.  Literally.  That little red spot in the water was one of Will's light-up shoes.  Reinforcements were called in and the day was saved.  We were told this was the 1st shoe recovery ever.

Afterwards we all piled up into Missy's car to head over to Union Station to see another train display there and meet Uncle Matt for lunch.  Brent got to sit in the trunk.  With a portable potty chair.  Which the kids thought was hysterical.

The Holiday Train Show at Union Station is more of a classic model railroad setup.  The kids loved it just as much as the trains at the Botanic Gardens, and we were lucky to catch it right before it ended in the new year!

Quite a lot of trains for one day!  Every 4 year old boy's (and hopefully one 41 year old woman's) fantasy.

A great lunch together completed a fun-filled morning for us as a family.  It sure doesn't happen enough.  Absolutely worth coming home for!  But there was more in store for later that evening....

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