Monday, January 30, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Not the Super Bowl Sunday.  That's next weekend.  Yesterday we spent a super fun Sunday morning giving bowling a try for the 1st time with our friends in Alexandria.  Yes, bowling!

When Missy told me they were thinking of going bowling, I signed us up right away.  Something new and different.  Why not?!  Turns out the Estabrooks were all naturals at the sport.

I peaked early.  Strike on my 1st frame, then it all went downhill from there.

Joseph had somehow learned about bowling at school and explained that "you throw the ball and knock down all the wood and try to get a STRIKE."  He claimed to be excited about going but then showed no interest once we got there.  It took some coaxing to even get him on the floor - accomplished by telling him the shoes were really slippery, which Matt , Jack & Will demonstrated perfectly.

It finally took bribing him with a soft pretzel to even roll the ball once.  And then his hesitation made sense.

Luckily the place was virtually empty and he got over it pretty quickly once he realized you couldn't really here much from so far away.  Then he was all into it, always wanting it to be his turn next.  I love this next series of action shots.  The expressions are adorable!  Such concentration on Joe Joe's face, and Jack is so excited!

This series is pretty fun too.  Joseph got a spare!

We all had such a good time that we're sure to go again and again.  We never kept score and just took random turns.  It would be fun to see what the little ones actually scored.  Plus who could pass up the chance to rent those teeny tiny toddler bowling shoes again?

As Missy and I couldn't stop singing, "Let's bowl, let's bowl, let's......rock and roll!"  (Anyone else remember that cheesy song from Grease 2?)

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missy said...

one of the most fun days ever!! thanks so much for coming - can't wait to do it again soon - with brent next time. ;) xo