Monday, January 23, 2012


On a recent playdate we met up with Joseph's friends Julia & Sara back at what has affectionately become known to all of us as "Tooth Park," the place where he fell and bashed his tooth back in 2010 while on another playdate with them. That event was truly an accident, but that being said gross motor skills and coordination are not necessarily my big guy's strong suits.  Then when I say things like that he goes and surprises me by doing something I never thought he could or would do, like when he scaled the rock wall over the summer.

Turns out Joe Joe and Sara aren't among the bravest when it comes to testing their abilities, but on this particular occasion Robyn and I each encouraged our respective kid to work through this loop on the playground, and after they did it once it was all they wanted to do.  I was particularly shocked because until this exact moment in time Joseph had adamantly refused to ever go down an enclosed "tube" slide alone.  So exciting to watch the kids getting braver and stronger right before my very eyes!

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Our brave kids! So cute.