Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Half!

Stayed up a little late baking last night.  Just another cake?

Not quite.  Something's missing.

Like, the other half?
Quite intentionally, as today marks the halfway point until Joe Joe's next birthday.

Joseph loves birthdays.  Joseph loves parties.  Joseph loves cakes.  So when he recently asked "Is my birthday the next day?" (his adorably quirky little way of saying "tomorrow") we thought celebrating his half birthday would be a fun surprise.  With 4 and a half candles in his half birthday cake, of course.

I think I'd love for this to be a new tradition!

Now don't worry people, I didn't throw out half of a perfectly good cake.  I just made a regular layer cake, cut it in half, and stacked it up on top so it's now a double layer cake.  (Not that it would have been a sacrifice to throw 1/2 of it away.  My plans were only half-baked and I was forced to use a boxed carrot cake mix at the last minute, which is not even remotely good.  Even when I tried to jazz it up with homemade cream cheese frosting with coconut in the filling.)

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Rgutro said...

Very clever putting the other half of the cake on top, and it looks great. I enjoy following your blog. You guys are the best dads! -rob