Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dye job

OK, OK, Easter is over. How do people manage to get everything done and blog about it all before any holiday? We just barely managed to squeeze in a half hour to dye eggs before bedtime on Saturday so they'd be ready for Easter Sunday.

Joseph was all. up. in. my. face. with excitement while I was doing the prep work as we waited for Benjamin to come over to join us.

Luckily he was all up in Brent's and his own as well.

I told you he was excited!

He had to test the waters first,

and then it was all in. Hardest part was letting them stay in the dye for a few minutes.

Benjamin matched Joseph's excitement level. These 2 were throwing eggs and dye was splashing everywhere!

A beautiful dye job!

Warning: crafting can be hazardous to your health. I think I was on the verge of a heart attack the entire time.

With good reason:

But the boys had the greatest time. Joe Joe has asked every day since if we can dye eggs with Benjamin again after dinner. Makes it worth the stress. And mess!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hop on!

In addition to the basket chock full o' stuff - candy, books, and oh dear, even more trains - the Eater Bunny had a special surprise in store for a very good little boy this morning. There was a trail of eggs leading through the house....

...and into the backyard...

...where a cool new bike was hiding behind the grill!

Joseph L.O.V.E.S. it! Had to ride it immediately.

And he got to thank the Bunny himself at lunch later in the day.

Hope there was something special in your day today too. Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Egg Hunting

We were lucky that the Estabrooks' 2nd annual Easter egg hunt was scheduled this year during our regular Thursday playdate with them or we would have missed out on some serious fun. Missy is always the most gracious and generous host and certainly did not disappoint with this event. Who else would invite over 40 kids and stuff and hide five hundred eggs for them to gather?

The kids were amazingly patient as they waited for Missy to ceremoniously cut the ribbon and let the hunting begin.

And they're off!

Study the picture above before watching the video below. Luke R. on the far left goes down hard and fast, taking Jack and a few other kids with him. Joseph, in the back on the far right, is quick on his feet and amazingly weaves his way unscathed through the insanity and goes long to start collecting eggs on his own undisturbed by the masses. Way to go, son!

Hard work at times, but the reward is sweet!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Belated Birthdays

We've had at least one birthday party every weekend lately, and there's 1 coming up this weekend too!

First was Benjamin's superhero turned dinosaur 4th birthday. Benjamin from preschool not to be confused with Benjamin our neighbor, that is.

Benjamin's party featured a performance by The Great Zucchini, a guy who apparently never grew up and specializes in magic tricks and potty humor - perfect for his target audience. Joseph calls him "The Great Bikini" but also "The Scary Man" or "The Bad Guy." We saw him at another party 2 whole years ago and Joe Joe could barely be in the same room as him. When I told him we were going he said he didn't want to, but I just couldn't believe he could possibly have remembered him.

Oh, but he did.

He started crying as soon as The Great Zucchini opened his mouth, and he sat on my lap almost the entire show with my hands over his ears repeating "I don't ever want to come to Benjamin's house again!" You can see this is true in the picture Jocelyn snanped from across the room. With all the other kids having a hoot.

He did at least join in when they played hide and seek, and he enjoyed the rest of the dino party. And he holds nothing against Benjamin - he still plays with him at school and says they are good friends. We just haven't try to stop over by his house yet.

From The Great Bikini we went to Bikini Bottom, where Ania (also from preschool) had a Sponge Bob Squarepants party at the local MyGym.

Never met a kid who didn't like a ball pit. The kids also loved the "rocket ship" suspended from the ceiling.

This is not a particularly interesting video, but don't you think it would be fun riding a zip line into a ball pit?

Yeah, me too!

I only went after following Jocelyn's lead. Unfortunately I didn't quite make it into the pit and slammed my toe against the side of it. Not broken as far as I can tell, but still sore 2 weeks later.

Last weekend was Nick and Alex's 5th birthday. Joe Joe could easily pass for 5 in this picture (and I could eat him up he's so cute in a V-neck and button-down!).

Oh, the interesting segue here? It was Nick and Alex's 3rd birthday party that apparently traumatized Joseph for life with The Great Zucchini. This year they had The Fun Bus come to their house.

If you ask Joseph, It. Was. Fun.

Again, maybe not the most fascinating video, but I just love that they were blaring some Miley Cyrus in these poor little toddlers' ears. Start 'em young, I guess.

What else makes a Fun Bus party fun? A giant ice cream cake and a balloon artist that can make a Spiderman who is actually slinging a web!

For our sanities' sakes there was luckily an adult party in the midst of all these kiddie jamborees. Meredith (next to Brent on the left) has caught up with me in age, though she is quick to point out I will always be a month older.

We had a private room at Carmine's Italian restaurant and both the food and the company were fantastic. I had such a good time with everyone and it made me realize that we really don't get to see our friends enough. So I went and did something crazy about it and.................drumroll please.............joined facebook to keep up with the gang.

Maybe it was the Miley Cyrus blaring in my ears that clouded my judgement. It's probably safe to say that - not like she'll be "friending me" anytime soon.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Modern Family

Oops, one last unblogged photo from our Mardi Gras trip of us with the Louisiana branch of our family tree. This picture just so happened to be taken by Sid Espinoza, the mayor of Palo Alto, CA. (I kid you not. Google it!)

On the topic of family, just for giggles I'll occasionally ask Joseph if he wants a little brother or sister. (Not that one is in the works, and it's not like I can just have one any old time I want one. But you know, I wouldn't mind....) His response is always the same: "No, but I will like a puppy dog. That would be so cute and I will love him." I don't think I'd get the same response if I asked the cats.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Early Bunny

We've had 2 early Easter experiences already. When Grammy & Grandpa visited last weekend they brought along an enormous basket from the Jersey Bunny full of chocolates and cookies, books, Matchbox cars, and a new Buzz Lightyear phone.

Later on in the week our friend Zara hosted an egg hunt at her place down the street. Joseph fared well despite me stealing stuff out of his basket and rehiding it for some of the kids who came late.

Zara's mom, Jocelyn. Easter Bunny or Energizer Bunny?

Joseph, Ethan, and Zara all live on the block and go to the same preschool. They've really become such good friends over the past year!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Up, Up, and Away!

Another brilliant idea for Joseph & Jack's Thursday playdate yesterday from Aunt Missy: Gravelly Point Park. It's essentially a parking lot and picnic area right next to National Airport off of the George Washington Parkway. Feels like you can practically reach out and touch the control tower and airplanes.

The draw? The planes fly RIGHT. OVER. YOUR. HEAD!!

When not watching airplanes the boys had good fun pretending to be airplanes.

I know I say this every time I post a picture of him, but how freaking cute is my godson?!

If we've peaked your interest and you're thinking of checking it out:

Bring earpugs!