Saturday, December 31, 2011

Zoo Two

I have, as always, run out of steam when it comes to sorting through holiday and vacation pictures in a desperate attempt to get them all posted before the new year.  So instead to wrap up 2011 with that I'll show the last of my sewing projects from the year.  Last New Year's I set a goal of completing 12 sewing projects in 2011.  Most recently, when I found out my friend Maia was pregnant, I knew exactly what quilt I was going to make for her baby.  She mentioned time and again how much she loved the quilt I'd made for Joseph that's been hanging over his bed since his 1st birthday.  

To remind you, here is the post about it.

But this is the girly version for her little girl Chloe.

The space over Joseph's bed was limited for hanging a quilt, so I intentionally made something on the small side.  I needed to add a few blocks to make Chloe's quilt a little bigger.  Joe Joe eagerly points out which ones are the same as his and which ones are different.  I wish I could make a whole quilt out of panda blocks!  Soooooo cute!

We had to include a leopard!  It's the name of Joseph's preschool class this year, and I just love the way the tail crosses over the edge of the block.

These days no quilt is complete without a pieced back.  How cute is the solitary elephant in the backing?!  It happens to go with the bedding and colors they picked out for the nursery.   I've also really been loving making the "label" part of the actual quilt backing instead of something tacked on at the end.

I seriously L.O.V.E. the polka dot binding.  I am a perpetual believer in the thought that almost every quilt must contain some polka dots and/or some stripes.  Preferably both!

I set out to complete 12 sewing projects in the past year.  In addition to Chloe's baby quilt (13), my other projects were:
Greyson's baby quilt (1)
Angie's 40th birthday quilt and market totes (2 & 3)
Preschool teacher quilts (4 & 5)
Jackie Brown's baby quilt (6)
Twin baby quilts for Jacob & Declan (7 & 8)
Benjamin's Super WHY! cape (9)
Joseph's shark costume (10)
Our Angry Bird costumes (11 & 12)

This year?  No resolutions.  I'd love to actually make a quilt for myself.  I'd really like to run a 10K.  But you know what?  Who cares?  Last year rocked!  As has every year that I can remember.  I love my life and just need to keep living it!  Happy New Year everyone!!!


AKA Jane Random said...

Good grief! You make me feel like such a slacker! Amazing work.

Mallory said...

I can't even begin to compete with your sewing goals, but I'm definitely in for the 10K!
I love the newest quilt. I really look forward to seeing what you will make for yourself.

Anonymous said...

I love the quilt!! Such a fantastic gift. Very jealous.