Thursday, December 15, 2011

Star of the Week

Same project, different school year.

Every week or so one of the kids gets to be the "Star of the Week" in their preschool class. Which means every few weeks a random family gets the dreaded unannounced poster board on Friday afternoon and has to scramble to fill it up with pictures of their kid by Monday morning. It always comes at the perfect time - it's not like I'd have anything else to do 2 weekends before Christmas....

Last year Joseph wasn't really at an age where he could do much with it, so I pretty much did it myself. This year Joseph got to pick all the pictures he wanted and told me what he wanted to say about them. I printed and cut them out, typed up his notes, and glued everything to the board when he went to sleep. In the morning I let him have at it with stickers, stamps, markers, whatever to "make it his own."

It came out well (even without the glitter this time around). He was so proud to share it with his friends at school!! Plus, this year when you're the Star you get to bring something special each day of the week: your favorite book, favorite game, favorite toy, and favorite snack. Hurray for my little shining star!

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Jocie Z ROCK said...

wow it came out great!! i love that he helped too