Monday, December 12, 2011

Jingle All the Way

My friend Mallory and I are keeping up with our running and we participated in another race yesterday, the "Jingle All the Way 8K." It's become a very popular event over the past few years and even outgrew it's old location. There were almost 5000 runners! This year the course ran through downtown DC, starting and ending at Freedom Plaza (sorry, the people "Occupy(ing) DC" had to move since we had a permit). People wear all kinds of festive costumes and tie jingle bells to their shoes.

Mallory's husband,David, brought their daughters, Marcella and Jackie, to cheer us on at the end. There's David and Cella standing next to the guy that looks like Newman from Seinfeld, and Jackie Brown is all bundled up in her stroller. Cella got to run across the finish line with Mallory!

Brent had been planning to come with Joseph too, but Joseph came down with a stomach bug in the middle of the night so it was best that they stayed home. It was also freezing cold and the start was delayed almost half an hour.

Given that I had been awake cleaning toddler puke in the early hours and was also working the rest of the day I decided to just run for fun instead of trying too hard to best my time from the "Race for a Cause."

I finished in 40:34, averaging an 8:10 mile. Not shocking since it was so crowded that there were times you really had to slow down just from congestion on the road. I came in 564 out of 1721 men, 829 out of 4750 total runners. Not. Too. Shabby. Just might be there again next year. With bells on ;)

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