Monday, December 19, 2011

The Boys are Back!

Absolutely impossible to believe, but we have not seen our best buddies since preschool started over 3 whole months ago.  We were finally able to coordinate a Christmas playdate with Jack and Will this past weekend, and it was like the boys never missed a beat.

Missy preassembled a gingerbread house for each of our guys to decorate.  Here's an overview before and after look of the table:

And all the in between fun!

Missy and I even got in on the action a little.  Where there's frosting and candy we are sure to be found.

Notice the hubbies in the background in the last picture?  They had a nice time chatting while we entertained the boys.  But Brent somehow got roped into a story time.

It was so amazingly good to spend time with our best friends and see our sons excited to play together again.  We'll have to try harder to not let so much time pass in between playdates again.

In other news, we actually had a second gingerbread house decorating party the very next day at Mallory & David's.  I think we're good on the candy intake til the new year.

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