Monday, December 26, 2011

Baker Man

That's one of my many titles around this time of the year.  I'm frequently baking for my office, Brent's office, Joseph's preschool and friends or other random parties.

Every year I make countless dozens of the famous addictive chewy ginger cookies.  Mexican hot chocolate cookies and pumpkin bread have become new standards since last year.  Nowadays it seems I can't let any event go by without making fondant covered sugar cookies.


Every year I try a few new things.  Cherry walnut rugelach from the King Arthur cookbook were fantastic!  As were the chocolate dipped marshmallows with sprinkles and toffee chips.  I also tried some cranberry pistachio bark.  Had I had more time, I also wanted to do peppermint meringues.  Every year I always wind up having to cut something :(

Half of the fun is in packaging the cookies and treats up as gifts.  I finally remembered to use the "Baked by Carl" stickers I ordered last year from tinyprints.

Brent's staff always looks forward to the treat boxes at their holiday party every year.

We were invited to our neighbor's for Christmas Eve dinner this year and I volunteered to help out.  I wonder why they asked me to do dessert......  By then I had pretty much run out of all the cookies I'd made so I went for a classic, a rich chocolate cake from one of the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks.  That would have been enough, but I knew I had to make some ice cream when I came across the recipe for peppermint stick gelato.  So delicious, and a perfect combination!


We always make sure to save some goodies for Santa!


Anonymous said...

wow, so many delicious goodies. you are so talented!!

i stumbled upon your blog and i have to say i love you guys. it's always great to come back and see what you are up to :)

merry christmas from germany,

Brenda*Nery said...

So yummy. Like I have said before, your pics are great. I can practically taste the cookies ;)