Thursday, December 1, 2011


I just love the idea of the countdown to something fun! I have been waiting for Joe Joe to be old enough to understand and appreciate an advent calendar, and we're finally there. I have dreamed of making my own calendar (out of what????) for us to use over the years but I've had too many other projects on my plate to ever get around to it. So for this year the Lego City version will have to do.

I placed it on the table after bedtime last night, and he sat there staring at it patiently this morning waiting for me to come down and give him the OK to tear into it.

Behind each number is a little packet of Legos to assemble and place in the seasonal cityscape.

Interesting choice for Day 1 of Advent. Nothing screams Christmas like a little thug waiting to throw a giant Lego snowball at you. I'm a little scared for tomorrow's reveal.

Maybe getting around to making my own calendar should really be on this year's New Year's resolution list.


MJ's doghouse said...

thizs is the coolest calendar ever...when my kids were growing up they got the cheap chocolate ones...lucky boy..

di2009 said...

Have you discovered Hallmark's "Elf on a Shelf"? It is a cool thing to do with kids this time of year!

Meagan said...

My daughter has been getting the Lego Advent for years and this year is the strangest one yet. A jail? Really?! It's Christmas!