Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tiger Stadium, DC

One of the gagillion projects we've done since buying our house was finishing off the basement a few years ago. At the time we passed on the built-ins our architect had suggested for the media room and just repurposed some existing furniture.

About a year ago our combined TiVo/DVD player broke and in its place came fiber optic high definition cable with a DVR (FiOS) and a blu ray DVD player. We finally realized all that technology was a waste with our old clunker of a TV, but a new flat screen wouldn't fit in the armoire. So:

Our contractor did an amazing job, but then I was left wrestling with all the wires to reconnect the audio-visual equipment and surround sound. Every little wire was painstakingly labeled with "to" and "from" instructions, and I took digital pictures of all the connections too just in case.

Amazingly everything seems to work! Quite the undertaking just because our TiVo broke, but now we have the perfect spot to watch whatever you're in the mood for. Around here that tends to be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Thomas & Friends, and

LSU Football. Geaux Tigers!


Pink Diary said...

nice one. look simple and cozy.

Anonymous said...

The room looks great...I mean the stadium looks great and the good looking fans look pretty good too....Hope no one pulled the goal post down...We Tiger fans can get a bit crazy...Geaux Tigers...luv and hugs Mimi