Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Traditions

Use my grandmother's china.

Prepping, cooking, carving, I'm in charge of the bird.

Caramel pecan tart. Brent insists.

There's also a traditional Thanksgiving feast at Joseph's preschool (which followed the performance from the last post).

I made the cute little pilgrim hat treats after seeing my friend Missy make them for Jack's preschool. So easy! Made from marshmallows and Keebler cookies. Melt some chocolate, dunk a marshmallow, press it down onto the back of the cookie and let them set. Pipe on a frosting buckle and they're done.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!


Anonymous said...

The Alton Boys have so much to be thankful for ....yall .as well as all of us have been so blessed....Luv the Saint's napkin holders...we will make a football fan out of you yet Carl...but never stop cooking to watch a game...luv all the goodies and the turkey too...yummy...hugs MiMi

Catherine said...

LOVE the pilgrim hats! And it looks like you have the turkey roasting down to an art. Happy holidays!

Laurie Anne said...

Did you make those tarts? They look delish. You should post the recipe. I'm always looking for a nice alternative to pecan pie :0)

Brenda*Nery said...

I just happened upon your page and it is truly Beautiful.