Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween was quite a busy, fun-filled day! It started off with a celebration at Joseph's preschool with the traditional costume parade. Can you spot our great white shark in there?

As they posed for their class picture I began to realize how problematic that shark head was going to be. I really wish I had more time to invest in lining the hood and stuffing the top so it would stay up.

Afterward there was a little party for all the kids with treats I made (more on that later) and goody bags that the other room parents and I put together.

Our good friends and neighbors came over with their kids, Benjamin (Super Why!) and Ethan (Lightening McQueen), for dinner before we all headed out for trick or treating, and before heading home we made sure to stop by and see Zara (the mermaid) down the block. Coincidentally Zara had given Joe Joe a shark beach towel and bag for his birthday, and I couldn't have come up with a better trick or treat bag myself. Although at one point I actually considered making one. I know, it's a sickness.

Every year the kids seem to find this same giant leaf pile to play in. And there's the issue with that tricky shark head again. I'm kind of amused at what happened to it by the end of the night!

Of course we wore our Angry Bird costumes, and as I was leading Super Why around the neighborhood we discovered a "SUPER PROBLEM!" Another Angry Bird!

But she was no match for us.

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!


Jocie Z ROCK said...

she was no match for you!!! i second that!!! LOL love the pics and loved your pix of the pumpkin silicone attempts... the jello was a super cool idea- have seen jello done like that before but done with double gelatin than the recipe calls, to make them super stiff. of course i would never bother to attempt to try.. but happy to share the 411, i am so lame! ha ha

Anonymous said...

Everything was perfect...only thing wrong was I was not there...hugs MiMi