Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Georgetown Waterfront Park

The area along the Potomac River in Georgetown had been an unused concrete parking lot for the entire time I've lived in DC until relatively recently, when it was renovated and given new life as a public park. Rather than ride up and down the block for the millionth time, we took Joseph and his bike down to the waterfront on Sunday. HO. LY. MO. LY. It is fantastic!

The view spans from the Kennedy Center and Washington Monument down to the Key Bridge and across to Roosevelt Island. Walkways curve all along the Potomac River and there are spots to stop with benches, pergolas, beautiful overlooks, and wide open green spaces. There are steps down to the river where you can watch crew races, and fountains that are on in warmer weather. It is just incredibly well done.

Joseph had a field day riding back and forth on the paths. He is a speed demon.

He also loved going around and around this labyrinth (which is supposed to be some kind of all-access sacred place to foster the development of the human spirit. That was lost on him. And us.).

After stowing the bike in the car we crossed over the C&O Canal (site of my 1st 5K a few months ago) for a snack at Dean & Deluca and some quick shopping in Georgetown.

Such a lovely day! Can't wait to see how the park changes with the seasons. I also just might have to bring my running gear sometime and go on a little adventure of my own.

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Anonymous said...

JoeJoe is so lucky to live in DC...that is since his dad is Carl ..Daddy Carl always *works* the area and finds places for JT .to go and see the sites as well as have fun.....Hugs MIMI