Saturday, November 12, 2011


There was a time we were tossing around the idea of spending this long weekend in New York City, but that somehow just.....fizzled out. Instead we utilized our aquarium membership and spent the afternoon yesterday as a family in Baltimore. We got there just in time for the beginning of one of our favorites, the dolphin show. It never gets old!

Given his Halloween costume this year, we figured JT would be all about the sharks, but when asked what he wanted to see, he was absolutely fixated on the octopus.

I can understand, it's pretty cool to watch. And I'm always amused by that poorly worded sign. It's not like it's the New Orleans aquarium. Who's gonna flash an octopus?

Nemo was hiding very well, but this time around we discovered our friend Verdi, the green tree python in the book of the same name by Janell Cannon (who also wrote "Stellaluna).

On our way out we passed through the Australia exhibit got a great view of the 35 foot waterfall from high up. Thanks to daylight savings time it was completely dark when we left, and from outside you can really appreciate the beauty of the multi-story glass addition that houses the replica of an Australian river gorge.

We stopped at The Cheesecake Factory right across the street for dinner before the drive home. And there was a wait, of course. At 5:30pm. Was it wrong to have fried calamari after spending the day at the aquarium? Oh, but yum! As was the "ultimate red velvet cake cheesecake" that we split for dessert. JT was SO excited for it, and the waiter even surprised him with a candle!

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Anonymous said...

Great "aquari..yum"....looked like fun....any sea lions?. The red velvet cheesecake sounds really good...hugs MIMI