Saturday, October 29, 2011

When Animals Attack

Joseph started talking about his costume for Halloween this year the day after Halloween last year. All I heard was cowboy, cowboy, cowboy. But the boy knows nothing of cowboys. He briefly considered being a dinosaur after his big dino birthday bash. When patterns went on sale, I bought ones for both a cowboy and a dinosaur, just in case. He briefly mentioned wanting to be the Cat in the Hat again, but that costume has got to be 2 sizes too small by now. One day we were looking at a catalogue and he saw a costume that he thought was pretty cool, and I agreed wholeheartedly. But huh, no one makes a pattern for such a costume. It took quite a bit of trial and error to turn a dinosaur into this, but in true Project Runway fashion, I finally "made it work."

Hard to tell from that 1st angle what it is, but here is Joseph as a GREAT. WHITE. SHARK!

He just loves his tail and will hardly let go of it, to the point I'm concerned he's just going to rip it right off. And he thinks those rows of teeth are pretty darn scary. He's been hoping I dress up as a fish, and he chases me around the house until he catches me and sinks his teeth in.

I decided in the end to be a little more trendy with my costume than shark bait, and also decided to throw in a costume for Brent as well. Perhaps no less frightening than a shark attack is one from a band of Angry Birds.

Though really, does Brent look all that angry? None-the-less, people seemed to get a kick out of our costumes at a party today, and we'll see how it goes when we're out and about on Halloween itself. Chances are you'd survive an visit from this little shark. His sight line is frequently obstructed by a design flaw I ran out of time to fix.


Catherine said...

WOW! Those are great costumes and look very well made. Hope ya'll have a happy Halloween!

Aleta said...

Wonderful! Very creative! My boys are probably about your ages - but I wish someone with your talent had lived next door to me when I was struggling to make costumes for them. I would've liked the input and guidance.